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Ready for fame and glory? Be a 2010-11 LLM GUIDE Blogger!

By Maren[LLM GUIDE] in Editor's Blog on Aug 6, 2010

Hi Everyone,

So, who is starting an LL.M. this autumn? If you answered "yes," congratulations! We hope you have a great year ahead of you.

Wherever you're going, why not share some of your experiences with the LLM GUIDE community by blogging about them?

If you've used LLM GUIDE recently, chances are you've had a chance to follow the adventures of michaelcorleone at Columbia, PUCCA at UCL, and LLM85 at KCL. Even LLM GUIDE blogging legends like tmalmine and ivan2006 check in with updates from time to time.

This spirit of sharing is what helps keep this community such an informative resource for prospective students.

Sure, brochures are nice and all, but nothing beats real experiences from real people. Right?

Look, we know you'll be busy. But it's not like you have to write very much; just a few lines every now and then. And since these posts get read by thousands of prospective students each month, blogging on LLM GUIDE could be one of the most glorious moments of your legal career...at least until you make partner.

Here are a few topics that LLM GUIDE bloggers have covered in their posts in recent years:
* Why they picked their program
* Career goals
* The application process
* Impressions of the school, city and/or classmates
* Favorite / least favorite LL.M. classes
* Social life (sometimes in hilarious detail)
* Job hunting
* Class discussions

Anyway, I hope to be reading about your adventures soon!

Take care, and have a great rest of the summer,


  • gelis, Sat Aug 14, 2010 05:25 PM

    Hi everyone,
    I wonder if anybody applied for LL.M human rights in University of Pretoria South Africa?

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