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LLM vs. JD

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Joined: 13 May 2005
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LLM vs. JD
Mon May 16, 2005 09:57 AM
I am a law student and I am planning to do my further study in the US or Canada... And I am not sure which kind of degree should I apply for... JD or LLM? I've heard that the LLM in the investment without reciprocation, and my friends advice me to get a high LSAT score and apply for JD there.

Actually I feel quite confused, and also I think it would cost me a lot of money to finish whatever JD or LLM. And also, I am worrying that the visa here to the US may have a bit difficulty...

To apply for LLM in the top 5 law schools in the US, I guess my lack of full-time professional experience will be my disadvantage, is that true?

Btw, how do you think the University of Washington in St. Louis? Thanks!
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Joined: 15 May 2005
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Re: LLM vs. JD
Mon May 16, 2005 02:33 PM
Hi Sophia,

The JD and L.LM are two entirely different degree programs. The JD is equivalent of the LLB degree in most countries. So, if you apply for the JD, you essentially are repeating the LLB that you already completed. The difference would be you could practice in USA. The LLM can be entered after you complete your current program, but practicing in USA is not easy with NY and Calif the only two states favorable to foreigners. The LLM does not automatically entitle you to simply apply for the ABA or practice law.

Hope this attempt at answering your query was helpful.

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Joined: 13 May 2005
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Re: LLM vs. JD
Wed May 18, 2005 03:31 PM
Thank you for your reply, and I really appriciate it.
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Joined: 16 Jul 2005
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Re: Re: LLM vs. JD
Sun Jul 17, 2005 04:06 PM
Effectively, the JD is the degree to get if you want to practice law in the US - the general LLM is meant for foreign attorneys who want to have expertise in US law and return to the home country. You can practice in some states with a LLM, but getting a job is fiendishly difficult.

Some US law schools offer 2-year JD programs that allow people with a foreign law degree to get their US JD without quite all the work.
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Re: Re: Re: LLM vs. JD
Wed Aug 03, 2005 03:48 PM
The LL.M will let you write the NY and CAL bar exams. Yet the State Bar Associations have nothing to do with employers. It is almost always the case that if you pass the bar (which you pay the State Bar Association to write; they are a business), you are extremely unlikely to find an employer who will sponsor you for a Green Card to work in the US, which apparently would cost the employer $10,000. They would have to write a letter to the authorities explaining why they have chosen to hire you over any American citizens, so good luck finding a job. Even with a JD you have the same problem; at least it's your better option over an LL.M.
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Re: Re: Re: Re: LLM vs. JD
Wed Aug 03, 2005 07:01 PM
Dear John,
I have experience working in a Multi National Company in India in their corporate Legal Dept., for 8 years. I was working as Manger-Legal.
I plan to do my LL.M from S.M.U, Dallas Texas.

What are my chances to enter into a corporate Legal Dept, of any midsized Company as an in house Legal Counsel? Even a entry level position would do. Iam 33 years old.

I am ready to bear the Green card expenses if required.

I hold a LL.B from a reputed University in India . Can you please guide me, how do AI go about the job search after my LL.M
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