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UoL LLM Programme

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UoL LLM Programme
Wed Jul 29, 2009 08:28 PM
By lisag in on Jul 29, 2009

I have recently applied to the UoL LLM program. i have been attempting to get answers to the following but not with much success form the folk at the University. if anyone outthere in LLM Guideland can assist i will be eternally grateful:

I understand that the program is jointly offered by UCL/QM, it is not clear to me what one puts on CV or what transcript will say. Does it refer to UoL or UCL/QM?

I have attempted to find rankings for UoL and can only see rankings for the affiliated colleges. How then to employers and others evaluate the degree and the issuing instution?

Does External appear on the Degree? If so, it appears to diminish the value. if it is indeed equivalent, why add "External"?

What support to LLM students receive while in the program? Is there a course mentor or profession that a student may call for clarification or aid?

I am in California and have been unsuccessful in figuring out where i will sit for exams. the local Consulate does not offer this service. Any ideas?

i have just this week submitted my application to the programme. Any idea how competitive it really is?

AND FINALLY, for anyone that's gone through the programme after being in practice for some years (10 in my case), do you find that it was worth the time and money?

i knoiw that's a lot to ask but if anyone out there that can answer i am thankful!


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UoL LLM Programme
Fri Aug 14, 2009 09:15 AM
I hope somebody helps you soon :)

La vida es preciosa!

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UoL LLM Programme
Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:11 AM
I obtained the LLM from UoL (External), and thus could give you some insights.

1) The transcript will clearly show UoL (External); it does not refer to any particular college. You are not obliged to quote "External" in your CV, but indeed you have to tell your prospective employer your degree is "external" if they do ask.

2) UoL External degree has been offered for many decades. It has gained a very high recognition in the UK and widely respect in the EU, as well as many parts of Asia, esp those ex-British colonies. However, UoL is not so recognized in the US.

3) There is no separate ranking for UoL External degree.

4) It is up to employers to evaluate your degree, but refer to (2) for recognition.

5) In terms of support, you should not expect too much support. You may try to find study mentors or take relevant classes at your own costs. Once you registered, you will receive LLM study guide of your chosen subjects. You can also download past papers from its website, but no answer is available. In fact, majority of students choose the "self study" mode. That's why the drop out rate is rather high. You MUST get a pass within 2 attempts, otherwise you will be kicked out of study. I am serious!! You can check from Study Handbook. Thus, you really need an extraordinary committment and be fully prepared before you enrol for exam!

6) It is rather subject whether it is value for money. Judging from the monies you paid to get an LLM from a prestige university -- UoL, compared with many online universities in the US, it is definitely worth it, even though we know this is an "External" degree. This also add international favor onto your CV too.

With an experience of 10 years, I am sure you know what you paid is what you get. You obviously cannot expect the same experience and knowlege that you could get from attending the Queen's College (full time). However, remember it is a part time programe, you save your time from travelling and attending lectures, etc and you still maintain your earning power while studying.

I hope this helps.


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UoL LLM Programme
Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:18 PM
Hi JP - thanks for your reply. I've been trying to locate someone that recently completed the UoL LLM external.

I'd really appreciate your quick views on a couple items:

1. Regarding workload: I work full-time and am very busy. How many courses would suggest to take at one time on average? I know it depends on many factors -- but generally speaking. E.g., is five at once too many?

2. What route did you take - did you enroll for the LLM straigthaway or first work towards your certificate/diploma? Does it matter in any way?

3. I did not realize about the 2 strikes and your out rule on the tests - thx for that. Can you pls clarify - if you fail the same exam twice, then are you dropped from that section or the course or the whole program?

Thx again - JC
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Joined: 09 Oct 2009
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UoL LLM Programme
Tue Oct 13, 2009 07:16 AM
JC -

1) I would say 3 subjects could be rather heavy; 5 possibly is maximum for a full time working professional. Bear in mind the kick out rule for 2 failure attempts. The more subjects you take, the higher chance you might be kicked out.

2) I enrolled my LLM, after getting the LL.B. If you dont have legal background in your undergraduate, you may want to consider progressing via certificates and diploma...

3) Whole program. I believe this is almost a standard rule for all major UK universities, UoL is no exception.

Good luck!


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