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for those who is going to take a bar

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for those who is going to take a bar
Mon May 17, 2010 11:51 PM
Hey future LLMs!
1 - when choosing professors, NEVER listen to the advise of administration of LLM and other professors. go to grademyprofessor website, and during the first week, while you have time to drop classes and register for others, - check the professor's style and decide for yourself. DO NOT CHOOSE PROFESSORS from the point of view how hard is his exam - they all are hard.
2 - they will tell you that LLMs are not part of the curve. THIS IS NOT TRUE! you are, so be aware.
3 - do not buy books for the class before you sure that you are taking this professor and do not buy supplements during first two weeks - you need time to figure out what will be helpful. if you want to save money on books - check posting board in the tower, cragslist and amazon,com - it is not a big deal if you do not have your books during the first week.
4 - exams will be hard because what they teach you and what they want you to give back - TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! all you need to know how to write exam you will get during your legal writing class - try not to miss any. Also, use help of academic support office - bring them your drafts of practice exams for a feed back. second semester exams will be easier because you will know what do they want you to do.
5 - if you are going to take the bar after LLM, my advise - do not take any courses other than in the bar exam. preparation for the bar is too hard so you need to know basics about all courses in the bar. bar exam is for those who took all these courses during 3 years, and we have only 1. be smart, do not waste it to interesting but not necessary courses.
6 - also, we are allowed 15 credits only, so if you have time but do not have credits - just go to the classes you want without registration. you need to ask the professor for permission (and they are always pleased that people want to take their class) and it should be a seat available for you to actually seat in the class (I never had problems with that). these way you are able to take more courses you need for the bar, or courses of your interest in general

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