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Stellenbosch University - Faculty of Law

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Stellenbosch University - Faculty of Law
LLM Coordinator
Private Bag X1
7602 Stellenbosch
South Africa

Program Information

Full-Time, Part-Time
  • General LLM
  • LLM in International Trade Law
  • LLM in Intellectual Property Law
Program Features
  • Students may choose from any of the following modules: Advanced Company Law, Aspects of Environmental Law, Carriage of Goods by Sea, Comparative Apartment Ownership, Comparative Private Law, Competition Law, Copyright Law, Employment Rights, Equality in the Workplace, Forensic Law, Intellectual Property Law in the Digital Environment, International Sales Law, International Commercial Arbitration, International Criminal Law, International Law and Childrenís Rights, International Tax Law, Legal Aspects of World and Regional Trade, Medical Law, Payment and Guarantees in International Contracts, Selected issues in Collective Labour Law, Selected issues in International Labour and Social Security Law, The Law of Patents and Registered Design, The Law of Trusts, and Trademark Law.
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website
By Research
  • LLM (by Research)
Program Features
  • Students with an excellent ability to do research and pursue academic writing in English are invited to enroll for a LLM Thesis at Stellenbosch University (proof must be supplied together with the application).
  • The Faculty of Law, Stellenbosch University is not only regarded as one of the best research facultyís in South Africa but also offers a Postgraduate Seminar Support Group for all our research students.
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website

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