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University of Oregon School of Law
LL.M. Program
1221 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
United States

The University

One of the world's leading institutions for studying environmental law - ranked a "Top School" by Sierra Magazine (November/December 2007) - the University of Oregon offers a select group of students the opportunity to earn an LL.M. in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. The University of Oregon is one of the elite "research universities" in the United States, being a member of the invitation-only Association of American Universities (AAU).

The University of Oregon School of Law is located in Eugene, Oregon, a city of 190,000. Eugene lies about sixty miles west of the volcanic Cascade Mountains and sixty miles east of the sand dunes of the Pacific coast. People have occupied the lush Willamette Valley for at least 12,000 years, enjoying its mild winters and dry, sunny summers.

University of Oregon offers one of the longest-established programs in environmental and natural resources law in the world, as well as innovative and helpful professors, friendly and supportive students, the interdisciplinary resources of a major research university, and a spectacular natural setting.

Information on the overall environmental program is at enr.uoregon.edu/

The Law School

University of Oregon law professors are nationally and internationally recognized scholars. Their textbooks are used in classes all over the United States. They participate in research, conferences, trainings and diplomatic negotiations in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and Africa.

Oregon faculty members established the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (a network of public interest environmental lawyers from 60 countries), and the first Environmental Law Clinic in the world.

Oregon students operate the world’s oldest student environmental law society, Land Air Water, and organize the biggest Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in the world.

Oregon alumni play significant roles in national and international organizations, governmental bodies, law firms, businesses, and citizen groups.

The Program

The LL.M program requires two semesters of study and 24 credits.

Students enroll in 7 other semester-long courses. 5 courses are selected from the law school’s Environmental and Natural Resources Law offerings and 2 additional related courses.

5 of courses are selected from the law school's Environmental and Natural Resources Law (ENR) offerings, such as:

Advanced Persuasive Legal Writing
American Indian Policy
Animal Law
Climate Change in International Law
Climate Law and Policy
Coastal Law
Comparative Environmental Law
ELAW Externship
Environment and Pollution
Environmental Conflict Resolution
Environmental Law
Environmental Law Clinic
Energy and the Law
Federal Energy and Congress
Green Building & Construction Law
Hazardous Waste Law
Human Rights & Environment
Independent Research and Writing
Indian Law
International Environmental Law
Land Use Law
Natural Resources Law
Ocean Law
Public Interest Law (January)
Public Land Law
Public Trust Seminar
Regulated Energy Utilities
Renewable Energy
Water Resources Law
Wildlife Law

LL.M. students may also select some of their courses from the following:

Administrative Law
Advanced Human Rights
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Conflict of Laws
European Union Law
Federal Jurisdiction & Procedure
Human Rights Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Trade and Investment Regulation
Introduction to American Legal System (for international students)
International Law
Law and Development
Nonprofit Organizations
Tribal Courts and Tribal Law

Descriptions of the courses, along with the semester when they are offered, can be found here.

LL.M. Seminar

The LL.M. Seminar is an integrating experience for all LL.M. students, providing education on topics of current concern and introducing students to a variety of lawyers, officials, and natural environments in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The students also work to improve their skills in making presentations, preparing articles for publication, and working collaboratively.

The Oregon LL.M. brings academic learning into the field, so that its students encounter actual environmental problems and the people who are working to solve them through the use of legal tools. One student described one of the field trips as "the best experience of my life." Oregon's LLM students relish their experiences outside the classroom, renewing their spirits, relaxing with nature, and reinvigorating their passions for pursuing environmental work.


The Oregon LL.M program is located in the world-class, high-tech, comfortable Knight Law Center on the verdant University of Oregon campus in friendly Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is a vibrant city and major cultural center in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

We are surrounded by beautiful nature, just a one-hour drive from the Cascade Mountains and one hour from the world-renowned Oregon Coast.

Program Information

  • LL.M. in Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website

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