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International University College of Turin

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International University College of Turin
Piazza Carlo Felice,18
10121 Turin

Program Information

  • LLM / MSc in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance
Program Features
  • Students have the possibility of studying for a one-year LLM program in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance (CLEF), a one year joint Masters (Inter-University MCLEF), or a two year MCLEF.
  • The Inter-University MCLEF is a joint program between the IUC, the University of Turin, and the University of Eastern Piedmont.
  • Upon successful completion of the LLM, some students can be upgraded to continue with the MSc program, which is intended as a continuation of the process of bringing together theory and empirical observation that began during the 1st year LLM curriculum.
  • Students selected for upgrade to the Masters will receive a Student Research Fellowship to perform their research.
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website

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