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Fribourg University Law Faculty
Av. de Beauregard 11
Office # 5.608
1700 Fribourg

The University

Fribourg University campus

The University of Fribourg is committed to excellence in research and teaching and we take pride in our truly interdisciplinary spirit. We continue to further develop our international focus and above all we put humanity at the centre of our endeavours.

It is the Switzerland's only bilingual university, offering a full academic curriculum both in French and German. A number of Master programmes are taught in English and the University offers a wide range of opportunities for PhD and doctoral studies as well as international Exchange and Summer School Programmes.

The University of Fribourg places scientific research that is closely linked to academic teaching at the heart of its activities. With an array of centres of scientific excellence as well as research programmes across the entire disciplinary spectrum, we aim to extend the frontiers of scientific knowledge to help solve mankind's current and future challenges.

The Law School

Established more than 250 years ago, Fribourg Law Faculty is at the top of Switzerland's legal education. Its high level and selective programs, its practice-oriented training, as well as its internationally reputed teaching staff have built an uncontested reputation at national and international level, providing one of the best value degrees for companies and law offices in Switzerland and abroad.

The Fribourg Law Faculty is part of a strategic network of professionals and partnerships throughout the world so that you can benefit from the expertise of the best teachers that currently exist worldwide. Benefits from the ideas and resources exchanged through such alliances are particularly useful in teaching and research.

Located in one of Europe's most important industrial and business hubs, the Fribourg Law Faculty students have open opportunities to study and practice in multinational companies at the same time .

Situated in the heart of Switzerland and Europe, Fribourg is on the linguistic border between the French and German speaking parts of the country. This privileged geographical location makes Fribourg a natural bridge between different languages and cultures. Studying at the University of Fribourg offers a unique opportunity for students to learn several languages.

The Program

Moot court at the Fribourg Cantonal Tribunal

LLM in International Business Law

The Fribourg Law Faculty LLM program offers a wide range of International Business Law specializations tailored to meet the needs of prospective employers. Our graduate study programs allow you to focus on the subjects that matter for your career choices while gaining valuable practical experience through law internships. Find out more about the LLM in International Business Law: www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/llm-international-business-law.

LLM in International Contracts and Arbitration

The LLM in International Contracts & Arbitration provides you with in depth knowledge and skills required in the global marketplace in the fields of contract law as well as in international dispute settlement that will help you to develop a career in the trade & services sectors. For more information: www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/llm-contracts-and-arbitration.

LLM in Compliance

Fribourg Law is the only law school in Switzerland, and one of the very few in Europe, to offer a degree program covering all areas of regulatory compliance a specialized field focused on helping companies ensure that they meet their regulatory obligations. Compliance is a burgeoning area of cross-disciplinary legal practice with growing global career opportunities. Please consult the LLM in Compliance page:www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/ll.m.-compliance.

Executive Certificate in International Contracts&Arbitration

The Fribourg Law Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in International Contracts & Arbitration offers students who already possess fundamental lawyering skills an opportunity to acquire or refresh their knowledge in areas of the law specific to international contracts and arbitration, in a brief but concentrated program of focused study. More information available at: www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/cas-in-contracts-and-arbitration.

Executive Certificate in Compliance

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Compliance is a targeted educational program in the field of regulatory compliance, designed as a career-enhancing module. The CAS can successfully complement your prior degrees and qualifications.

Whether you are already active in the field of compliance and you would like to deepen your knowledge or you are looking for ways to expand your competencies, the CAS offers you the right tools to do so. More details at: www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/cas-in-compliance.

LLM/EMBA Dual Degree

The international institute of management in technology (iimt) and the Fribourg Law Faculty offer the unique opportunity to combine an advanced program in law and business administration.

The LLM/iimt Executive Programs (Executive MBA, Executive Diploma, Executive CAS) blend the experience and expertise of an innovative teaching team in developing participants' legal knowledge and skills and leadership qualities in both domestic and international business. More information at www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/dual-degree-llm-mba.

The Faculty

Professors of international renown, recognized leaders authorities in their fields, will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a highly valued asset in the eyes of both current and prospective future employers. Consult the complete list of our Faculty at www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/teaching-staff.

Entry Requirements

The Fribourg Law LLM Programs were designed to meet the demands of experienced lawyers and recent law graduates of proven ability. The program is also open to university graduates with degrees in disciplines other than law whose professional experience has prepared them for the study of international business law, contract law& arbitration or compliance, respectively.

The Certificate of Advance Studies in International Contracts&Arbitration meets the demands of lawyers practicing in independent law firms or in the legal departments of multinational corporations or other companies operating internationally, or in non-governmental or international organizations.
The program is also open to university graduates with degrees in disciplines other than law with professional experience in international contracts and dispute resolution.

The Certificate of Advance Studies in Compliance is designed for practicing lawyers as well as legal compliance officers of national and multinational companies, non-governmental or international organizations.
The program also welcomes graduates with university degrees other than law who have practical experience in regulatory compliance.

Application Procedure

The application procedure is simple and effective. Please click on any "Apply Here" button on our website (for instance www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/llm-international-business-law) and complete a summary application form. You would then be required to upload your application documents. After a preliminary review by the LLM staff, the complete application files are forwarded to an international selection committee which usually renders its decision within one week.

Tuition and Fees

LLM: CHF 18'500
CAS: CHF 8'000
LLM & MBA dual degree: CHF 60'500

For our discount policy, please consult the tuition fee section of each program page (www.unifr.ch/ius/llm).


Chad Yazzie, USA
Graduated in 2011

"The Master of Laws in Cross-Cultural Business Practice was a great capstone to my legal studies. Through completion of the program, I was able to distinguish myself from other graduating law students who did not have the international exposure to business and commercial law that I found at the University of Fribourg. When I came back to the United States, even in the depressed economy, my LLM enhanced profile made it easier for me to get informational interviews with established attorneys who work in both international and domestic commercial law. As employers were impressed with my international business law exposure, the program enabled me to secure employment at top-11 national accounting firm and then a Wall Street corporate financing firm."

Abdulrhaman H. Shiekh, Saudi Arabia
Graduated in 2011, Legal Advisor at General Authority of Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia

"In GACA, we are working with consultants and experts from Germany, UK, Singapore and USA whom provide us good work based on their legal culture. This put me in a position where I have to integrate what they are saying into the Saudi law, the thing which I was not able to do without the variety of topics that I received in this Master program. Understanding the different legal cultures is extremely important to give an alien easy and smooth adaptation in international business. I believe this is an important element in the Master program in which gave me a vast overview that helps to understand others and come up with solutions, which suits my legal culture."

Social Media

Visit our LLM program Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Master-of-Laws-in-Cross-Cultural-Busi…

Join us on Twitter: twitter.com/MLCBP_Fribourg

Financial Aid


A Regional Scholarship Program allows us to provide financial support for a limited number of outstanding LLM candidates from each of the following regions:

Asia & Pacific
Central & Western Europe
Eastern Europe and Caucasus
Latin America
Middle East USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

For more details, please consult the tuition fee section of the LLM pages on our website, for instance - www.unifr.ch/ius/llm/llm-international-business-law.

Program Information

  • LL.M. in International Business Law
  • LL.M. in International Contracts & Arbitration
  • LL.M. in Compliance
  • LL.M. / MBA Dual Degree
Program Features
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programs are also available in Compliance or International Contracts & Arbitration
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website

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