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Full ProfileChina-EU School of Law (CESL) at the China-University of Political Science and Law

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China-EU School of Law (CESL) at the China-University of Political Science and Law
No. 27, Fuxue Road
Changping District
Beijing 102249

The Law School

The China-EU School of Law (CESL) is a joint project of the Government of the P.R. China and the European Union. The school aims at educating first-rate legal experts working within the frame of Sino-European relations. It is integrated into one of the highest-ranking law universities in China, the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). European and international law lectures are held by prominent professors, flying in from 12 different universities in Europe. Although CESL is driven by a dynamic spirit and high academic performance, it is a close-knit community, with students from all over the world exchanging their views, working together and sharing their enthusiasm for law. Please visit www.cesl.edu.cn for more information.

The Program

Master of European and International Law (one year programme, in English)

Why a Master in Beijing?

Demand for legal professionals who combine a high command of European and international law with a special expertise in Chinese legal matters is rising. The Master Programme in European and International Law (MEIL) offers the unique opportunity to acquire this highly sought-after legal expertise –within an international and challenging environment. They are taught by one of the most international and renowned law faculties worldwide. Depending on their particular area of expertise professors are selected from 14 European and Chinese partner universities.

Characteristics of the Programme

In order that students understand the functions of law in an economically and politically linked world they are taught about the principles, regulations and procedures of European and international law. All international students can take elective courses in Chinese law. The one-year programme commences each year in September, ending in the following August. All courses of the Master Programme are taught in English. The master degree will be awarded by the University of Hamburg. To improve their Chinese language skills international students are invited to attend additional Chinese language classes.


Compulsory Courses:Legal Foundations of Public
International Law, International Organisations, International Human Rights
Law, European Dimension of Human Rights, Legal Traditions, Legal Foundations
of EU Law and European Political Systems, Area of Freedom, Security and
Justice, Internal Market, External Relations/Common Commercial Policy,
Competition Law, European Private Law, Insolvency Law, European Company Law,
Litigation and Arbitration, Financial Markets and Regulation, Conflicts of
Law, CISG, WTO Law, Intellectual Property Law, Moot Court and Arbitration.

Elective Courses: Electives are subject to change each year and are on
current topics. Examples are "China-EU Cross-Border Investment" or "Consumer
Protection Law"

In addition, several courses of Chinese Law (taught in English) are available to master's students, e.g.: Chinese Legal History, Chinese Constitutional Law, Chinese Labour Law, Chinese Business Law, Chinese Administrative Law

Information for International Applicants to the 2014 Master of European and International Law: www.jura.uni-hamburg.de/public/cesl/cesl-meil-2014.pdf

Chinese Law Taught in English (one semester programme)

Why a semester of law studies in Beijing?

The "Chinese Law Taught in English" (CLTE) programme at the China-EU School of Law was a fantastic chance for me to learn about a new jurisdiction and to study Chinese Law. It was a great opportunity to get to know a new culture, as well as improve my language skills and alternative forms of learning and studying. The programme and the stay abroad are not only an academic challenge but a chance to develop your character and personality.This programme is perfect for all open-minded students who are looking for a little adventure." (German CLTE student, intake 2013/14)

Characteristics of the Programme

The programme exposes international students to the compelling historical background, transitional nature and recent developments of Chinese law. Courses provide students with
a basis of general knowledge of Chinese law as well as with a comparative approach to legal studies. In addition to taking courses, students have the opportunity to visit law firms, and attend both civil and criminal trials. Students interested in learning Chinese are welcome to take extra Chinese language classes at the University. Upon successful completion of the programme students are awarded a CLTE certificate.


Chinese Business Law, Chinese Labour Law, Chinese Criminal Justice, Contemporary Chinese Law, Chinese Law and Society, Chinese Legal History, Chinese Administrative Law, Chinese Constitutional Law, Chinese Intellectual Property Law, Chinese Trademark Law, Chinese Property Law

For more information please download our CLTE flyer: www.jura.uni-hamburg.de/public/cesl/clte-2014.pdf

Entry Requirements

Applicants to the LL.M. programme must have obtained a first law degree (or are expected to obtain a law degree before enrolment) as well as be able to demonstrate English proficiency (LL.M. of European and International Law and CLTE) or Chinese (LL.M. of Chinese Law).

Applicants to the CLTE programme must have obtained a first law degree or are currently studying for a law degree as well as be able to demonstrate English proficiency (LL.M. of European and International Law and CLTE) or Chinese (LL.M. of Chinese Law).

Application Procedure

Application deadline LL.M. programme: 1 May 2014
Application deadline CLTE programme: 1 June 2014

For further information about the application procedure, admission policy and a checklist of required application documents please visit our website.

CESL Admission Office Beijing

Tel: +86-10-5991-5790
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.cesl.edu.cn

CESL Consortium Office Hamburg

Tel: +49-40-42838-6830
Email: [email protected]

Tuition and Fees

The overall tuition fee for the “LL.M. programme amounts to 60,000 RMB (about 7,500 EUR). Students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are granted a 50% fee waiver.

The tuition fee for the one semester CLTE programme is 15,000 RMB (about 1,900 EUR). Students from CESL partner universities (see: www.cesl.edu.cn/eng/ecslconpartners.asp) are awarded a 100% tuition waiver.

For all students various scholarships (based on academic performance) are available.


The China-EU School of Law is located in Changping, a northern suburb of Beijing. It is neighbouring the Jundu Mountain Range where the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, the Mangshan Fores, and many other historical sites are located. Students can immerse themselves into Beijing life, experiencing not only China‘'s capital, but also one of the most exciting and vivid cities in Asia. Activities range from exploring the rich cultural heritage of Beijing to examining the excellent Chinese restaurants or the exciting young music scene.

Program Information

  • Master of European and International Law (LL.M.)
  • Master of Chinese Law (LL.M.)
  • Double Master (J.M. or LL.M. of Chinese Law / LL.M. of European and International Law)
Program Features
  • Master of European and International Law: one-year program; taught in English; elective courses in Chinese Law; international faculty from 13 European universities
  • Master of Chinese Law: two-year program; taught in Chinese; only one year on campus
  • Double Master: three-year program; also open to students with undergraduate degrees other than law
Language of Instruction
  • Chinese, English
Program Website

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