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5 Questions for an LL.M. Graduate - Rony Raefat Yaacoub
Vanderbilt University, LL.M. in Corporate Law, 2013/14
By Y. Brehler-Wires, Jun 28, 2014
5 Questions for an LL.M. Graduate Eric Zhou
Duke University, LL.M. with a specialization in Intellectual Property Law, 2012-13
By Y. Brehler-Wires, Mar 31, 2014
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LLM Application Tracker

School Program Updated User Edit
Harvard University - Harvard Law School (HLS) LL.M. (Master of Laws) Program 07-22-2014 Penalista Admitted
Yale University - Yale Law School (YLS) Master of Laws (LL.M.) 07-22-2014 Penalista Rejected
George Washington University Law School (GW Law) General LL.M. 07-17-2014 raunakgb Applied
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law LL.M. 07-03-2014 Brianchen Admitted
Arizona State University (ASU) - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law LL.M. in Global Legal Studies 07-02-2014 hyongman_kim Admitted
American University (AU) - Washington College of Law (WCL) LL.M. in International Legal Studies (ILSP) 07-02-2014 hyongman_kim Admitted
Cornell University - Cornell Law School LL.M. 06-30-2014 chanmatthew... Admitted
Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) Master of Laws (LL.M.) in (General) - for Students Educated Ou… 06-28-2014 chanmatthew... Admitted
West Virginia University - College of Law LL.M. Energy and Sustainable Development Law 06-28-2014 wudashif Applied
The Ohio State University - Moritz College of Law LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers 06-28-2014 mrodrigues81 Admitted

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